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Free Microsoft Points Codes - No Surveys

Microsoft points bring a whole new game to the xbox 360, you can do almost anything with microsoft points like change your gamertag, get the new call of duty stimulus package, halo maps or any game add-on. You can also buy songs for games like rockband and lips. The problem is microsoft points cost money and who wants to pay for some virtual currency? I sure know I don't want to pay for them, today I will show you how to get free microsoft points codes or free xbox live codes.

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Be sure to complete the registration then check your e-mail for an e-mail from swagbucks with a confirmation link in it. If it isn't there check your spam folder or get it resent.

All you have to do to earn is search random things. Like "youtube" and you will get swagbucks! Just stay active and you can get microsoft points in no time!

Is this legal?
Yes, this is perfectly legal, no hacks or anything, they will buy the code from Wal-Mart or somewhere and send it you VIA email so you don't have to pay a cent!

Do I have to give my credit card number?

No, they will never ask for your credit card number ever.

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Should xbox live be free? I have always wondered if xbox live should be free, my answer would be no because people would be spamming up the game lobby's, advertising spam and more annoying things but they should have tournaments where loyal xbox live players get rewarded! This would be ridiculous as that is to much for some time on an online gaming service, luckily for anyone reading this I found a way to get free xbox live gold codes.
If you want to join Xbox Live you really should now, you can play over 600 games with over 20 million players! They also have lots of other cool features like vision chat, voice chat, and text chat! You can also talk to other players during games! My favorite feature about Xbox Live is the marketplace though because it has lots of great game add-ons and arcade games. You now can also buy full xbox games with a credit card attached. Another great feature about xbox live is being able to rent standard definition and High Definition movies. You can also play lots of regular xbox games on xbox live!

Here is a list of the most popular Xbox 360 games:

Red Dead Redemption

Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of duty: World at War

Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare

Halo 3 ODST

Halo 3

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead

Gears of war

Gears of war 2

Smackdown VS Raw 2010

Smackdown VS Raw 2009

UFC Undisputed 2009

Grand theft auto 4

Resident Evil 4


Fallout 3

Assassins Creed 2

Assassins Creed

Lost Planet

Lost Planet 2

Battlefield Bad Company: 2

Dragon Age: Origins


Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night Round 4

Mass Effect

Forza Motorsport: 3

Street Fighter 4

NCAA Football 2010

NBA Live 10

Grand theft auto 4: The ballad of gay tony

Grand theft auto 4: Episodes from liberty city

NBA 2K10

DJ Hero

Rockband 2

Band Hero

NHL 2K10

Madden NFL 10

NCAA Basketball 2010

The Beatles Rockband

There are lots of other games to that are awesome these are just my favorites from my collection.
The xbox live price is also soon to rise so join the site now! More details below,
Rumors say that Microsoft is saying they will charge $100 a year for xbox live, who wants to pay that? No body Microsoft won't be seeing that money come out of my pocket. I hope you won't pay it either. The current price is like $55 for one year which is still ridiculous, xbox live should cost like $20 for a year at the most which is a good deal from what you are getting in xbox live.
Xbox or PS3? Here is how to make your choice.
Lets take a look inside, the XBox 360 Can only play DVD'S but the Playstation 3 Can Play Blu-Ray and DVD'S. The Playstation 3 has a 35 MGZ GPU Chip while the XBox 360 has a 57 MGZ GPU so the XBox 360 has better graphics. The XBox 360's Fan is terribly Loud but the Playstation 3 Fan you cannot hear.
Lets take a look at some of the features, the Playstation 3 Has a built in WiFi card while the XBox 360 requires you to buy a wireless adapter for $100.00? The dashboard, Well all I can say is the Playstation 3 Dashboard has no detail. I love the XBox 360 Dashboard they have so much
colors and Microsoft Put more time into it.
The Controller, The Playstation 3's Controller is more smaller than the XBox 360's but it has no color and it has a weird feeling grip on it, but it has more wireless range than the XBox 360 Controller. The XBox 360 controller is a lot better than the Playstation 3 controller because of the color and detail and easy button location but it has lower wireless signal like I said before.
Online Features, Now for the Playstation 3 the online sucks but that is why it is free I guess. The XBox 360 has awesome online features like right now they are having a boxing week blowout deal and 2 months of XBox Live for about $5.00 and a full arcade game for 80 Microsoft Points, but the XBox Live isn't free its about $50.00 for 12 Months, $8.00 for 1 month and about $23.00 for 3 Months. But I honestly think it's worth it for all the stuff your getting in XBox Live.
The Last thing is Quality you can drop a Playstation 3 and it will still work DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR XBOX 360, you shouldn't even bothering to go get it again because its ruined, error or the XBox 360 breaks sometimes for no reason your playing and it goes black and you get an E74 error or something but Playstation 3's will not do that.
Now the question is are you getting your moneys worth, the XBox 360 Is about $200.00 for an arcade, the cheapest Playstation 3 is about $250.00, The Playstation 3 has a built in WiFi connector, You have to pay $100.00 for one at Wal-Mart or Zellers, the games are cheaper and have better graphics for XBox 360, The Playstation Games are about $20.00 more for each one with less quality graphics. The XBox 360 Comes with 1 Month free of XBox Live Gold the Playstation 3 Should come with a $10.00 Playstation Network Card.
Overall, for the price XBox 360 Wins, for the System Features Playstation 3 Wins, for the online features XBox 360 Wins
My overall rating for the Playstation 3 is 4/5. My overall rating for the XBox 360 is 4.5/10.
Xbox Controller. How good is it?

The XBox 360 Controller is one of the best controllers out because of the shape, color, and ease of us, it is so easy to hold and use the buttons, it can also do a lot to, like have the texting pad attached and the head set. It can also hook up and charge easily it also has lots of attachments like rechargeable battery pack and lots of skins, it can also come in a bunch of different colors like black,red,blue,pink,white and sometimes custom colors in a special edition like yellow from The Simpsons limited edition bundle and green from the Halo 3 bundle and many more.
Now I will tell you what you can use Microsoft points for.
You can use Microsoft points to buy map packs and game add ons, you can also download arcade games and songs for games like rockband, band hero, guitar hero, lips and any other game like that. You can also use Microsoft points to download video and TV from Zune.
1 Vs. 100
What is 1 vs. 100 you ask, 1 vs. 100 is a game show that they added to xbox live where you can win Xbox live, arcade games and Microsoft Points. 1 vs. 100 is a game show hosted by Chris Cashman, the game on xbox live usually has around 6000 people playing at a time, there is the one who can go for 10 000 Microsoft points by answering trivia questions like "Who had the nickname the great one" and other simple questions but the one must not get any questions incorrect or the mob of 100 will win an arcade game. There is also the crowd who can win by getting the highest score. Score can be obtained by answering the question correctly, your speed and your streak. I have won 1000 Microsoft points and the arcade game worms on 1 Vs. 100.7


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